Wednesday, August 11, 2010


was the word that started off the week.

After driving/being in a car for 13 hours, we got home at midnight Saturday night. But something wasn't right. The new refrigerator didn't look right in the kitchen. Seemed to be a bit bigger than I thought it would be. But then it was a gray look, not white so . . .

They delivered the wrong refrigerator.

Sigh. That problem has been taken care of.

But then there was a cat odor from the upstairs spare bedroom. Actually it smelled like a cat box. Like one that was full and I had stuck my head into.


It looked/smelled like Heinz had used the carpet at the beginning of the week. And #1 son didn't notice as he spent most of his time downstairs. And as he says - I cleaned the litter box Mom.

As of yesterday the carpet has been ripped up and taken to the dump. Flooring has been bought. But not the original that I had looked at on Monday. The price quoted on Monday was $256. The price in the written estimate was $1119. A wee bit of a difference.

So I went back to place that cannot deliver correct frig and bought much cheaper flooring. It is tongue and groove but each piece has to be glued down. I guess because it is kind of thin?

Anyway, I am painting the room today a soft teal. And will be painting the trim. And calling the manufactuer of the flooring to answer the questions that developing.

Did I mention that S1 leaves Saturday for Hawaii. Maybe this mess is a blessing in disguise. Does keep my mind off of his leaving. But on the other hand I think that I want to be spared more of these kind of blessings :-).

Wishing us all a peaceful day.


The Three Little Bears said...

Here is the link to my new blog to add to your list:

Be sure to remove the old one "Hot Belly Mama"

jodi said...

Thanks for the reminder

Tins and Treasures said...

Good Morning, Jodi
Wow, you are having quite a week. I hope some things are starting to fall into place. And...does school start soon for you? Good luck with everything.

Have a thoughtful Thursday. ~Natalie

east village idiot said...


you've been through a lot. you need another vacation.