Sunday, October 24, 2010

Who Am I?

The Washington Post has an article in it's Outlook section titled - Are you part of the new elite?

Well, I don't know. Let us take a look.
(and questions will be paraphrased)

1. Who is Jimmie Johnson? The guy with all the hair that doesn't seem to move on TV on Sunday football. (No I don't watch football. It puts me to sleep.)

WRONG. It is a NASCAR driver.

2. Can you identify military ranks by uniform insignias?

I used to be able to when my dad wore a uniform. But he has not worn one in years.

3. Do you know what MMA and UFC stand for? No.

Something about martial arts and a fighting championship. That I may/may not stop on a wrestling show when I surf the channels obviously does not count.

4. Do you know what Branson, MO is famous for?

Yes. Music.

5. Have you ever attended a Kiwanis or Rotary club meeting? No.

6. Who replaced Bob Barker? Drew Carey.

7. Have you ever lived in a town with fewer than 25,000 people? Yes.

8. Name authors of Left Behind series or read Harlequin romances?

??? and did in high school.

9. Do you live where most people lack college degrees? Yes, actually. Surprised even me as this is a big college town.

10. Can you identify a field of soybeans?

Yes, that and a corn field, timothy hay, and tobacco, among others. I can also identify some cows and milk one by hand (if I had to).


So my life, based on 10 questions and the belief of a Charles Murray, is rated as I "need to get out more".

Between family, work and home, plus the outside groups that I have joined I'll get right on that. But after I take a nap. Husband has football on.

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east village idiot said...

I would fail that test!