Tuesday, December 07, 2010

I love my job.

I enjoy working with children and at the same time contributing to the family coffers. For me going back to work when the boys were in elementary school was a very personal choice. When my brother-in-law passed away at an early age I knew that I needed to work.
1. To have a current work history - just in case I was ever in the same situation as my sister-in-law (who luckily had just started working at the time).
2. To send our boys to college and make life a little easier. They went through a lot of awful haircuts by me as well as wearing of used clothing, used Christmas gifts that were smartly redone. Never a complaint. Which says a lot about them.
3. To have more social contact.

I knew that I would get a job at this school someday and worked hard subbing, volunteering, taking extra classes etc. in order to get it.

And as I said in the title, I love it. I enjoy it.

But there are some days when the house calls. And I look around longingly as I leave our home. Little projects call to me. A messy kitchen says "clean me." My violin says play me more. And the dogs look at me woefully from their crates.

I sigh when I lock the door behind me-get into the car and go to work.


Annie said...

I know exactly how you feel, I love my work too but some days just crave the peace and quiet of home and the time to potter about doing the little jobs I never have time for.
Ann x

east village idiot said...

So well written. I share those feelings. Sadly my work is highly stressful these past few years. Wish I had gone into education. How gratifying.