Wednesday, December 01, 2010

So much of creating

is prep work. The pages of an old book were folded to make an angel. Headbands made out of light bulb cutouts are getting ready.

Why am I cutting the light bulbs out you may ask and not having the children do it? I have approximately 75 minutes for instruction. And with the headbands I'm hoping to do patterning tomorrow. With each child individually. During that 75 minutes I will also referee a few disagreements. Possibly help a child get dress up clothes on (though I am having older children help the younger ones as much as possible). Redirect some children to other activities. Remind children to be a good friend. Remind children that we do not say potty words at school. Tell a couple of children to not chase each other. Remind children that we keep our kisses for home and mom and dad. Listen to the 2 or 3 groupies that I have, while simultaneously trying to keep an eye on the child I'm working with, keep that child engaged and remark on someone's art work. I will give permission to children to use the bathroom and possibly have to walk a child there. I will also keep an eye out for a child that is not engaged - who may seem a little sad or not feeling right.

That is why I cut the light bulbs out. There just isn't time for the students to do it.

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