Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hawaii Day 3

I had planned on going snorkeling today but that place was closed so I hiked a nearby mountain instead. Gorgeous views of a lighthouse and whales! Coming back down the path I heard a huge release of air so I looked in the water and there was the backside of a whale going into the water. Saw others also. Had mahi mahi for lunch (white fish) while sitting at a beach that had a lot of volcanic rock. Came back to the apartment and decided to walk downtown when S1 was in class. Saw the palace and statue.

What I learned today.
1. The noise made from the blow of a whale is quite loud.
2. i probably should have driven to see the palace and statue. A reminder to self - when you walk 2 miles to a destination you have to walk those 2 miles back.
3. S1 is a great cook and coffee maker. He also can find good restaurants/coffee houses.
4. Cactus grows here

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