Thursday, January 20, 2011

Manoa Falls/Hawaii Day ?

The hike up to the falls was beautiful. The smells were divine. I wish that I could bottle them and share them with each of you.
The trees - I have not been in this much awe since I saw the Sequoia's when I was a teen. The different textures/the shape of the leaves and trunks. The HEIGHT!! I half expected Avatar people to come out:-).

What I learned today:
1. There is never a good hair day for me in Hawaii :-).
2. I may not make it to Diamond Head this trip and that is ok. I am finding other places higher on my list to do.
3. Thrifting in Honolulu is pretty good and prices are much lower than at home.
4. One man's trash is another man's treasure. We brought home another desk for S1 from a trash pile down the street. People put their unwanted items out 1 day per month and if they are good someone will take them. I tease my son that the people take the item, use the item and then put it back out for someone else and the cycle continues until the item eventually falls apart. Actually it is a good system.
5. Almost every park seems to have a squatter or 2 in it. For someone likes me who seems to attract interesting people I would have to say that it has been no problem. Even when I walked the 4 mile round trip from here to downtown.
6. It reminds me of LA here but more humid. A lot more humid.
7. When the wind blows through a stand of bamboo the sound produced is magical.

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