Saturday, March 19, 2011

I am drinking a cup of espresso; trying to lift myself

out of a fog. Yesterday was our annual preschool teacher conference in Richmond. My coteacher and I left at 6 am to get to the first speaker at 8. The day ended at 5:30 with a bunch of us going out to dinner. Fun, but exhausting. Husband biked to work yesterday and I barely heard him cry out during the night for help with leg cramps.

I missed choir practice this morning as I had the time wrong. It took awhile to change gears but I have taken brush out to the pile in the back and replanted lavender seedlings in larger pots out of the starter tray. The heat is off and the back door is open to let out the winter ick. I'm washing dog stuff and the floors (which seem to be giving a big sigh as I wash them).

Husband is visiting his mother. She has had an interesting health week which culminated Wednesday in a fall that happened when she got out of a car that was slowly moving and fell and cracked her head open. She is fine. (Her friend was parking the car and she just got out). Unfortunately we found out on Thursday evening as the phone number that she gives people is our old cell phone number that our oldest son now has. Yes, S1 did get a message but didn't recognize the phone number so didn't listen to the message.

S1 is on the mainland, spending the week with his girlfriend. We will spend tomorrow afternoon with him.

And life goes on.


Debra said...

Wow! Lots going on over your way. So sorry to hear about your mother in law and I hope she'll continue to be ok. I know exactly what you mean about letting the winter out! I had my windows open yesterday for awhile and did the same thing. :) Thanks for your nice comments at my blog!

Ellen said...

Hope your feeling a bit better!