Saturday, November 12, 2011

Our electric bills have

dropped significantly over the last 6 months. Quite a few variables to be sure. We have been out of town more than usual, we may not have used the airconditioning as much as in years past, and our dryer broke down.

The dryer breaking down was huge. We have been diligent about hanging clothes on the clothes line and if we plan it right - also taking advantage of the shower rods in both bathrooms (using plastic hangers). The air is so dry in the house right now that the clothes that are washed in the evening are dry by morning. Yes, we have to iron but that hasn't been that big of a deal. (we just have to remember that the ironing board was not meant to be part of the den furniture and put it away when done :-).

This week we got the dryer fixed. Why?

The boys will be in and out over the holidays and it will be easier to have the dryer available. Notice that I said, Have it available. We still will be drying on the line unless crunched by time or our sons want to dry their clothes (they are not as fond of the iron as their parents). Also, it is easier to wash the dog beds in the evening and dry them before bed. Then there is that little thing of pet hair on dark pants.

The clothes line is here to stay. Saving money is addictive.

This week - chimney sweeps coming.

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Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

A visible accomplishment! In the Saga of how we have to deal with this economy. Good for you!!!

Gentle hugs,
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~Charles Dickens