Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Forgive the lack of posts but

I have been slowly going crazy with all of the things that have to be done.  Moving items out of my mil's house, I need to paint the den this weekend to get ready for the movers to bring stuff.  We need to have another garage sale at mil's, 3 mandatory violin/string practices in the next two days, meeting the movers next week, getting ready for summer camp and there are 3 more days left in the school year and I would to finish the garden and get chickens.  I have misplaced/lost important things like my parents card to S2 for graduation (I'm still looking) and I've been quite sick since Sunday with a cold/allergies? that have settled in my chest and now I have that deep/sexy frog sounding voice.

Sigh.  May is like that. So, while the crazy cardinal keeps attacking my kitchen windows I do one thing at a time and work at keeping happy with what I've accomplished.  Even when muddy dog paws walk across the kitchen floor.

Snoopy and Bella ran out the door into the dark the other night, chasing something that only they could see.  I was able to get Bella back in but Snoopy had disappeared (they are both on electric fence but in the dark can run through).  I found Snoopy staggering in the ditch, not able to walk well.  Called the emergency vet and then Snoopy disappeared quietly into the darkness again.  10 minutes later he came in fine.  So we are watching our elder statesman (age 10) closely.

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