Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The chicken coop has been built

And we are so pleased.  Husband did a great job with a lot of recycled materials.  Spacious and fully functional for the 4 ladies and 1 rooster that now inhabit it.  Chicken photos tomorrow.

Our shed had been used by a previous owner as a dog kennel.   So it came with an opening that we didn't have to cut.

Husband used a lot of reclaimed wood from our old deck.  The door was found in his dad's shed when we were cleaning that out.

A better view of the kennel/chicken door.

The shed interior before.

The door itself and latch.

Husband in the chicken house :-).

The chicken ramp.

We did put plywood down due to that we had to spray for yellow jackets.  There was a good sized nest in the ground.
The pesticide will only last for 3 months.  Little was sprayed but we just wanted to keep the chickens safe.  

We put in a high fence inside to give the chickens about a third  of the inside space.

Roosting pole.

Nesting boxes though since this photo we have gone down to 2.

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