Tuesday, August 16, 2005


I am forced to type this at a local bookstore that actually has internet. We have been without internet and TV for three days. TV doesn't bother us as there are videos/dvd's but the internet is another issue. Calls to the company have been fruitless. They don't know what is going on, don't know when it will be fixed. Which may mean that it's time to look at a new company. The funny thing was that they called last night to offer us Show Time. Husband informed them politely (well not really) that we couldn't watch it even if we got it and maybe it was time that they fixed something before they tried to sell something.

So anyway I'm sitting here with my face showing towards the window and feel a complete lack of privacy but have to get over it as my two hour limit is ticking.

Bought peaches today. They are as hard as bullets but will be good in a few days or so. S2 has decided that he really likes biscuits with fruit and whipped cream and as he is 6'1" and about 150 he can eat all of that he wants.

S1 and S2 are struggling through the last of the summer reading. Tests and papers due on Monday.

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