Monday, December 26, 2005


Husband and I went to the Narnia movie tonight. A packed house of all ages and the movie was appropriate for all but maybe the youngest children there. Some acts of violence shown - it is not a non-violent movie but did not seem to upset anyone. In fact I was surprised on how engrossed in the movie the audience was because some parts were a little cheesy and some effects were done in front of a screen. The children, especially Lucy, were adorable. The animation was terrific and the scenery was beautiful. I was reminded of the magic when I first read the book. That you could walk into a coat closet and into another world was fantastic and I never looked at one the same after that.


canary said...

Did you notice? There was no blood! The Battle is symbolic. This was a movie made from a favorite book (series) from my childhood and I just had to see whether they wrecked it. No, and I have to admit when I saw it I was choked up - I don't know why.

jodi said...

Yes, I noticed that there was no blood and I was also pleased that they did not wreck the movie. I had such good memories of it as a child that I was afraid that it would wreck what I saw in my imagination. It did not. I have never read the series but bought it with one of my Christmas gift certificates. Unfortunately it sits in a stack of must reads.