Thursday, December 29, 2005

Two Steps Forward , Three Steps Back

That about explains this week. Things that I had hoped to get done are taking much longer than I thought. We are also waiting for a phone call/email from my uncle as my aunt had surgery on Tuesday. So far nothing and in this case its not appropriate to call. We just have to wait until they feel comfortable telling us what is going on. Other than prayers and sending good vibes their way I've been quite antsy and have been cleaning my office, starting to put the Christmas decorations away, and took S2 for his permit but that will be delayed some as I need to come up with more paperwork. The antsy part has really shown by the number of times that I've read certain blogs driving up their reader counts!

The best part of today was that S2's main Christmas present came today AND I found the cord that I had bought for it while cleaning my closet:-)

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