Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Blizzard of 77

What do you remember about the blizzard of 1977? The niagara gazette
has a wonderful slide show up today of the events and what the snow looked like.

I was a teenager at the time and remember only a few things like the drifts against the back of the house. We lost a week of school, which for that area was unheard of. We did NOT get stuck at school as someone (bless their soul) had the foresite to cancel school that day, before the blizzard struck. Some schools were not as fortunate and children had to stay at school.

I remember the local Canadian radio station that my mom listened to having people call in saying that they were out of milk, formula, food etc and if anyone could get to them with the items that it would be appreciated. To this day I always make sure that there is gas in the car if there is even a hint of snow and that we have enough pet food, etc. The local weathermen (who scoff at people like me) have been wrong and I have been justified in my actions more than once.

I also remember not being able to see out of my bedroom window at all due to ice buildup.

The biggest memory though, was moving to Southern California a month later (a planned move). What a shock to the system!! Flowers everywhere, swimming available and no winter coat or boot wearing!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the plug, I worked hard to put that together! The last lady was great to end it with. She really could told an emotional story.

Your post came up in my google searches!

Jim Neiss
Chief Photographer/ Niagara Gazette

east village idiot said...

How funny is that preceding note?! What a small world.

You've lived a lot of places.

Anonymous said...

When I first saw that I had a comment I thought that it was from either you or my dad so I was kind of shocked to see how small my word can be sometimes. It is a great slide show and I wish that remembered more about the blizzard itself.