Monday, January 29, 2007

Braces Are Off

of S2. Only a retainer now and it is CLEAR. Very cool but oh so easy to lose.

Anyway, he is pleased. I took the day off. Took from 8:30 til 10:45 to get them off, teeth cleaned and impressions taken for the retainer. I had planned to take Max to the "groom your dog yourself and use our stuff" place but it is incredibly cold out and I don't need a sick dog right now. Instead I washed my car (so that I could get sick :-) after getting groceries. Then back to the orthodontist for the retainer. Thank heavens for premade lasagna for dinner.

I did find two new posters for one of my classes - Charlottes Web and one of puppies. And I also bought another fish. There will be some happy campers on Wednesday.


east village idiot said...

I cannot imagine how the hell I would pay for braces....he'd have to drop out of school for a few years!

jodi said...

Actually braces are one of the cheapest things in our city and were quite a good deal. Leaves us money for the truck repairs :-)