Sunday, February 11, 2007

I have a tendancy

to push myself to do things that I would not normally do. The latest being the publicity person for S2's jazz band's valentines dance. I was asked to help out for the dance and decided that publicity would be stressful but fun. It was stressful (most of it coming due when I was also working on the insurance, etc for S2's car accident). I went on the local radio station to talk about it. Put notices in one local daily paper, one weekly, the major local tv station and I got a monthly paper to come tonight and take photos of the kids and put an article in the paper for next month.

Tonight was the dance and it was the fun part. We had a great crowd, ate dinner with friends and had a wonderful time. Well worth the angst. Maybe I'll do it again next year!!


east village idiot said...

that sounds so nice - even the local tv station carried it? Hey - you may be developing a second career.

Anonymous said...

The one station has a community page where when it's submitted by the public they will promote it for you during the news.