Thursday, February 15, 2007

We sold the truck

today. If you remember, S2 wrecked it January 3 and we found out earlier this week that it will cost more to fix it than it is worth. Our mechanic bought it - for what reason I do not know but it and the cab that sat in our side yard are gone.

So today on our day off, I took S2 to school late (2 hour delay) and then husband and I went out to look at cars. The first one that we drove had a rattle in the trunk area (the dealer says that it was the tire that was thrown in the trunk - Maybe). The car drove nice but it was a champagne color which is known in senior high circles as a granny car (for ladies 80 plus). The other car we were interested in was a stick shift. We passed on that. Both husband and I drive stick shift and S1 would be happy with it but S2 isn't ready.

The next dealership was closed due to the ice in the parking lot that I discovered after driving in. There was one car there but no salesman. The third one, well we almost bought from them before - and lets just say that it was years before the kids stopped pointing at the place and saying "That's the place Dad yelled." That dealership we found out has not changed.

So we are still looking. We brought the truck home at 4 and then took everything over to our mechanic. I should have taken a photo of the truck but did not. As the body shop said "It's driveable but won't pass inspection." Probably not. Both headlights were gone. The front bumper was in the truck bed along with the spare tire. The hood was held down in place by some rope and bungy cord. Husband drove it home at 35 mph. Didn't dare drive it faster. We drove on side roads so that we had less of a chance of getting pulled over.

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