Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Not All Good Things Come in Packages

Today at least one package was found at the middle school that the boys used to attend. A b*mb threat had been called in as well as one called into a nearby elementary school. Children from these schools taken to S2's high school. S2's car was searched when he got to school and he was not allowed to enter the school. Teachers were also held outside - no b*mb threat the police wanted to get the younger kids into the high school.

Younger kids were all sent home by 12:30 this afternoon. S2 left school a little before that. The principal decided that it was an excused absence and kids were leaving in droves from what S2 said.

We've been through this before and I told S2 that he could leave. I don't like to tell my son that he can leave early but if something happened I'd be upset that I put school ahead of his life.

But I am pissed. These were the 4th and 5th threats in the past week for the three schools. S2 said that when he left there were all sorts of emergency vehicles - 7 ambulances, many plain clothes police along with regular police. I think that he was just glad to get out of there.

I want them to catch these people.


east village idiot said...

That is really scary. Are these pranksters or someone with emotional issues? Better to get him out of there - who knows what to expect these days.

Anonymous said...

From what I heard this morning it looks like a middle school pranksters. If so it means records will be sealed and we will never know what happens to them.