Monday, March 05, 2007

Today was Court Day/Get Your Permanent

license day for S2. The little postcard that we got in the mail said to be there at 8:30. We were there about 20 minutes early and had to stand out in the cold til 8:30. Got to watch one parent make an illegal left turn in front of the courthouse. Also had time to admire what everyone thought was proper court house attire. Shorts, jeans, ties, a bow tie, dresses, dresses over jeans. . . And yes, someone did try to bring their cell phone in though it was plainly written on the post card - NO pagers or cell phones will be allowed in court.

About 8:25 or so a policeman opened the door to ask why we were all there. Hmmm.
He opened the door again a minute later and asked to see someone's postcard. It turns out that the postcards were misprinted and should have said 4:00 pm not 8:30 am.

Licenses were given out anyway after a judge was rounded up to talk to the kids and parents. The precious plastic document was given to parents to give to their children unless the child exhibited silly behavior or was silly in general (judge's words not mine).

All in all a good morning. S2 looked at me afterwards and said "I don't think that Friday will be as much fun." (when we go back to court for the accident).

No son, I don't think it will be.


east village idiot said...

That's interesting. Don't people get their licenses at the DMV? Why does a judge give them out? or did they take his license away after the accident?

Anonymous said...

In Virginia teenagers have to get their licenses from the court. The judge gives a talk about how the kids must be responsible and how they are not quite as good drivers as they think they are. It's really quite silly and if you miss school for this it counts as an unexcused absence. (And you are only allowed 3). Luckily for us school on Mondays starts at 9:40 and I got S2 to school on time.