Friday, March 09, 2007

What does one do

if they write a blog about a book that they really like and get the author's name WRONG. (Or at least her first name). And then weeks later decide to look at their stat counter and realize that the author may have visited their page and thats when they realize that the author's name was wrong on their blog. EEKS.

One makes the correction and apologizes PROFUSELY. So it is with Karen MacInerney. For whatever reason I called her Grace in an earlier blog.

I read her first book Murder on the Rocks and loved it. Now I am reading Dead and Berried which I'm also enjoying.

I apologize for getting the name wrong. Could blame it on needing a new pair of glasses or whatever but no, it was due to inattention and I am sorry.

**After writing this I looked at my email and yes, it was the author who saw the blog. My mantra now - reread, reread and reread again before hitting the publish button :-)


Karen MacInerney said...

Oh, for goodness' sake, Jo... don't be silly!

I thought it was kind of cute. (Growing up, my sister had a favorite doll she called Grace, come to think of it.)

And you can call me whatever you want... particularly if you're going to be kind enough to put my book up on your blog and tell people how much you like it. :)

So glad you're enjoying Dead and Berried, too, by the way. And don't worry! At least you didn't inadvertently call a character the wrong name halfway through a published book!

(Er... perhaps I shouldn't have pointed that out.)

Grace... er... Karen ;)

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