Thursday, April 05, 2007

Hatred of snakes and other things


Favorite quote of the week - Saturday at the local building supply place - I was picking up some cinderblocks to build a stand for the beehive. The guy who put them in the car was explaining to me why the cinderblocks had been moved to a certain area in the complex. "to keep the snakes out. Snakes like cinderblocks cause they are warm. Black guys hate snakes (the gentleman was black)" I informed him that I didn't think that it was just a black guy thing but he insisted that it was.

Which brings me to the white cable repair guy who saw a snake in our yard last year. And freaked out. (Good thing that he did not see me take an ax to one about 5 years ago). He came back last week to fix something but was not happy to come over. Called me to see if we really needed someone to fix the cable. I wouldn't let him weasel out of it. Turns out that we need cable guys to fix something away from the house which should please everyone - us included if this group ever shows up - and husband, after ranting, was able to get the snake warning notation removed from our file.

It is tick season. Could be from Wishbone bringing them in as she has now decided to go outside instead of using the litterbox. She likes to sleep on our bed and then they seem to transfer over to me. Or it could be due to the place where I put the bee boxes. Will have to be more vigilant and check both of us more thoroughly.

Then on to today's paper where a former history teacher at the boys school (quit last year) was arrested by the FBI as he got off of the airplane from Eqypt for enticing minors over the internet. Said teacher was supposed to have lunch this week with a few of S2's friends.

Next blog will try to be more uplifting.

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