Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Bees - Day 4

I thought that I would check my queen today - to make sure that she was out of her cage (other bees are supposed to chew the cage to get her out). My bees are very unhappy with me. So many of them that I have squished a few trying to get the cover back on my hive. Now the dead ones have released a pheromone that is not good to say the least and yesterday and today I have not been met with happy faces. I was stung once yesterday.

The bee brush that I forgot to order has now been ordered. Tomorrow I will be adding a top feeder to the order as well as special smoking stuff to go into the smoker - the instructions say to use pine straw as well as wet grass to get a moist smoke. Reread that last sentence and then you will know why it didn't light for me. What was I thinking? But then I decided to read the directions and follow them this time - something I almost never do ---generally leave it up to husband or sons.

It is supposed to be cold the next few days and I really do not want to open it then but must a little to feed the little snots, I mean bees. They are drinking a lot of sugar water and I must feed them til May 1.

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