Wednesday, April 04, 2007

In Search of Good Dining

After our great success in finding a Vietnamese restaurant in Georgetown that was spectacular, husband and I decided to try one locally. The food part of the reviews were not too bad and so Monday night we gave it a try.

We walked into the restaurant and no one was there except for a woman talking on her cell phone. We could hear cooking in the back but there was no one to seat or take orders - an omen if you will. We ignored that omen and went outside to peruse the menu tacked up on the restaurant window.

Then we saw someone come into the main area from the back room and strolled inside (I really wanted Vietnamese food). The man behind the counter acknowledge us and his wife (?) appeared to take us to our table. It truly was mom and pop. Mom served and pop cooked. She turned on the light over our table - ok I should say the bulb as the light only had one in it as did all of the other lights. She took our order and disappeared. By the time that we got our main meal there were only two other people in there plus a few that came for takeout.

Husband enjoyed the food. I did not. The seafood was mushy. I don't like mushy. Not if the food I'm eating should not have been served that way. The favorite thing of the evening though was the duck that the one woman near us ordered. It was at least 1/2 of a duck and it had 1/3 of a head of romaine lettuce next to it. Guess that was their version of a salad. I don't think that I will be going back.


east village idiot said...

I hate when that happens. When you say Georgetown do you mean the one in DC?

Anonymous said...