Sunday, April 22, 2007

More on A Subject That I May Beat To Death

Yesterday, while getting 50 band kids dressed for the big parade, a parent came up to me to see how S1 and I were doing. She asked the question "Why didn't they fight back?" That question has done nothing but irritate me this week. My response was, "I imagine the German class was in shock after seeing their teacher's head opened up by a bullet in it. No time to recover and react."

Some people are angry that the elderly professor gave his life for his students. The thought being that one of the students should have put his body in front of the door, saving the professor. That diminishes the sacrifice of the teacher and how dare those people do that. How many of us who are parents would not sacrifice our lives for our children, whether they be adults or not?

No one knows what they will do when faced with a situation. The window of opportunity to react is small. One pause and the window is lost. There is usually no second chance. The flight during 9/11 where the passengers fought back took time to organize. It was not spontaneous. Does that diminish their heroism? I think not.

Years ago, when I lived in Southern California, I was riding my bike home from classes at the community college that I went to. Someone came up behind me and pulled me off of my bike. I was able to scream and get away. But that person did not have a weapon. Weapons can/do make a lot of difference.


Jodi Ohl said...

I'm always amazed at those that are quick to place blame while they sit on the sidelines of those that have had to face disaster or tragedy. You're right, no one knows what he or she would do during those miliseconds they have to do something & having a weapon or not having a weapon, not to mention seeing death stare you in the face does make an HUGE difference.


east village idiot said...

I really stand in utter amazement at the people who are making judgements about what occurred to those poor blessed teachers/students.

The question isn't "why didn't they do (fill in the blank with some super human response)." The question is "why are you passing judgement and posing a question to a mother who is thankful beyond words that her son was not harmed last week by an act of random and profound violence?"

Jar - thank you for sharing your story about the attempted assault you experienced. I've been there (but didn't have your luck). I'm so glad that nothing happened to you.

I hope to one day to have your patience in dealing with people who say things that make steam come out of my ears.

Anonymous said...

I am not a patient person though I may seem like one in the blog. I am one of those people who can talk a subject to death til I get it out of my system. And I have to work hard not to burden people by doing that. It is a constant battle.

I'm sorry that you went through an assault that did not end as well as mine.