Sunday, April 22, 2007

What He Said/What She Heard

What S1 said - "If you cannot find a date for the prom I will take you."

What friend heard - "Let's go to the prom together."

S1 is going to the high school prom :-)

***The funniest part is that the girl told S2 that she and S1 were going to the prom but that they are "just friends."

S1 called yesterday and S2 started to tease him about going. S1 was in the dark at first as he didn't know that he was going :-)


Jodi Ohl said...

cute story.. :)

east village idiot said...

Sounds like S1 is a fine young man who is making his friend very happy.

I had to laugh when you spelled out "what he said" "what she heard" - god knows that problem has been going on since the beginning of time....actually it pretty much describes my marriage!

p.s. did you hear about the concerns in the U.S. about bees dying and how it may effect agriculture? i have a feeling your bee keeping will soon be a public service.