Sunday, June 03, 2007

My Weekend

Spent. . .

In a cabin on the Potomac with my terminally ill aunt and uncle whom I dearly love.

Eating my first vegie sub from Quizno's. (VERY good).

Going to Costco with my aunt, cousin and 2 of her girls ages 3 and 8 and watching the girls eat through Costco. (My first visit to Costco and I LOVE it - and their berry smoothies).

Grilling out with family in the evening.

Watching the Discovery Channel that was on while we talked. I now know how elephants are inseminated. Yes, I do.

Holding a 5 week old and wondered if my boys were actually that small. (As new borns yes - at 5 weeks much larger).

Talking and laughing. A great time.


east village idiot said...

What a great weekend. Are those the aunt and uncle who both have endured serious bouts of cancer? I remember you mentioned them in earlier posts. Hope that both are not feeling to much pain and able to enjoy the time they have.

I have yet to go to Costco. I have been to Sam's once but I don't like Walmart so I didn't buy anything. Everyone says Costco is the best - and I think the employees are happier there too.

I haven't had access to a little baby in such a long time. How wonderful they smell and feel.

Glad you had such a nice weekend!

Anonymous said...

Yes, this is the same couple. My uncle is going on 2 years with lung cancer. 2 years. Most people don't live that long. We have been very lucky.