Sunday, June 10, 2007

Officially a Senior in High School

After graduation was over Friday night and all of the band uniforms were checked in and put in piles on the floor awaiting the cleaners to haul them away, S2 and I drove home in the dark exhausted by what seemed like an overly long graduation that had to be held inside due to storms. I looked over at him and said "My baby is now officially a senior." A look of scorn crossed his face. "Don't say that."

I replied, "How about - My youngest is now a senior."


A year of endings and new beginnings has started.

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Jodi Ohl said...

He will always be your baby though, won't he?? I understand totally.

My lil man gets so mad with me now when I call him my baby boy--he's only 6 so to me, he really is. He tells me, Mom--I'm a man, really. LOL okay, let's talk again when you start shaving, right now, you're my baby boy!

Your son looks very handsome--I hope his senior year is a wonderful experience for him.