Sunday, July 22, 2007

De*thly Hall*ws/ no spoiler

The UPS man pulled up to the house yesterday with a big smile on his face and delivered THE BOOK. It was really quite cute. He had 60 to deliver and it must have seemed like Christmas in July with lots of happy readers waiting for him.

It took almost 21 hours to finish - I had to sleep, eat and kind of interact with the family :-). A good book. And that is all I will say.


lazy cow said...

I did very little interacting with the family while reading this, bad mother!
Wasn't it wonderful?
BTW, your sons look very handsome, I can't imagine my little boy ever growing that tall.

jodi said...

It seems like yesterday that I could pick up the dark haired one and have him get cereal from the top cupboard. He was SO skinny and little.
I did love the book and it was nice that everyone knew to leave me alone for the most part.