Wednesday, December 03, 2008

D is for

Darling husband who is bringing home takeout for dinner tonight. Gyros - so yummy

Dog. I could feel the stress of a few things creeping into my body. My shoulder and neck have been stiff for a few days, so today Snoopy and I decided that it was time for a walk. We saw a couple of Herons out for a flight (at least that is what I think that they are - the birds are huge). Snoopy found all sorts of delicious smells and got some love from a few grade school boys.

Decorations. Holly and fir branches from the local nursery make a simple statement on a small table in the diningroom. Santa no longer freaks the cats out when he moves. But they don't get too close just in case.
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The Three Little Bears said...

Oh YES!!! I want a moving Santa. I have 8 cats to freak out! lol! *evil laugh ensues*