Thursday, December 04, 2008

Bears First Christmas

by Robert Kinerk

This book is one of the best childrens books that I have read this school year. An absolutely sweet little book about a bear who finds the Christmas spirit just by being himself - being compassionate about others and doing the right thing because it is the correct thing to do.

The book is written in beautiful poetry and mesmerized my 4 and 5 year olds this morning at circle time. Not a peep from the little ones. It is beautifully illustrated by Jim LaMarche. A magical book in it's simplicity and message.

The library that I frequent is asking for book donations for children. The child that I picked from the tree is 4. I'm hoping that she loves this book also.
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Jane said...

Thanks for the recommendation! I love to collect Christmas books. Just the cover illustration alone is sweet.

Nan said...

This sounds so wonderful. I'll look for it. Thank you for your nice words on my tattoo posting. I feel so sad for your cousin. I know two young women who got roses in honor of their beloved grandmother when she died. Thanks again, Jodi.