Friday, December 05, 2008

E is for Elves

A child informed me today that he had an elf at home. When I said that I needed one L looked at me and told where I could go buy one.

But I want real elves. I need a group of them. Not to do the shopping, baking, decorating or any of the fun stuff. I need a group of them to help me out by finding out the location of the cookie press that I so thoughtfully packed away last Christmas, or to make me some chicken soup for my chest cold, to fill up the hot water bottle for the same cold. Or to put the disgusting carcuss that Snoopy was chewing on this morning into the trash can (ick!!).


Ellen said...

E is for EVI -

I guess I'll have to get my green unitard on and christmas cap then jump into my car and drive down your way to complete these elf like chores!!

jodi said...


Tins and Treasures said...

Oh, elves would be awesome...I have so much to do this weekend. But what's this about Snoopy? In trouble again?

jodi said...

It's hunting season and hunters seem to prepare the deer as soon as it is shot leaving the dregs for the vultures and Snoopy it seems. (I know little about hunting). So he comes home with legs, etc.

He is in trouble again though. Husband left for work early this morning and told me to sleep in. At 7 Snoopy started barking much to the delight of the neighbors I'm sure. He was somewhere down the street. Being the hound that he is probably treed (spelling?) something!!