Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Whitehall, VA

The other night I looked at S1 and said that I am bored of living here. It seems like I have been to most of the places around here and there is nothing new to see and do.

Of course that cannot be true. There has to be something new or something to revisit with new eyes.

So, I've decided to revisit my corner of the world this summer - and maybe beyond. Of course, this will not be a daily occurance. But I will be trying to remember what it is I like about this place and maybe - if any of you come to visit - you will see some places in this blog that you would like to see in real life.

So, the first is Whitehall, VA.

Why Whitehall? It is a small VA town. And I do mean small - one of those towns that if you blink twice you have missed most of it. However there are older homes to gawk at. A local church with picnic tables outside of it to have a summer picnic at (no signs telling you not to) and absolutely breathtaking views of the mountains.

There are two, yes two, convenience stores there - a short distance apart. I've been in both and am not sure for the reason of two stores.

This is biking country. The roads are hilly but not terribly so and any regular rider should have no problem with the terrain.
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Jane said...

The pictures are lovely. Do you bicycle? I am not good at it because I only get to ride a bike once a year (four about an hour) at best. In fact, I had gone probably 4 years before our last "stay-cation." We stayed right in Santa Monica and the B&B had bikes! It was so much fun. I had forgotten!

east village idiot said...

Is there a center of town? Do you have a coffee shop?

jodi said...

I don't bicycle that much. Husband and S1 are into it. We don't have much shoulder area - well actually none and it scares me to death.

This town does I guess has a center = maybe inbetween the two stores. I don't think that it is a coffee drinking area.

However the town about 3 or 4 miles down the road where the boys went to high school is now getting 2 coffee shops where there had been none.

Rhea said...

I make the same complaint, that I've done everything. I live in Boston but long for other sights. I love small towns and would probably get a kick out of this one.