Friday, July 02, 2010

Day ?

Because I no longer know. I had thought I would take photos each day to post but that has fallen by the wayside. Instead I have been
watching copious amounts of soccer.

planting gardens. Usually I give up the first of June but this year I'm planting until frost or until the checking account asks for a breather. (That was tongue in cheek. I'm actually pretty good with money.)

practicing violin. I had my first ensemble practice on Wednesday night. No, I'm not very good but then again was so much better by the end of practice. I've been welcomed by the group with open arms. I didn't realize that I was joining an already established group. Even if it doesn't last past summer it is fun.

enjoying my youngest. He is so funny and has a biting wit. An ex girlfriend came over to celebrate his birthday and the four of us just sat around the table eating cake and ice cream and talking.

taking a hike on a trail that I haven't walked on before.

visiting with my parents.

playing with neighbor kitties (while they were out of town - don't tell Heinz :-).

took Bella on a road trip yesterday. We bought blueberry bushes and flowers. Cheese. Peaches. And then stopped for gas and ice cream for her.

started a paint by number kit.


And the list goes on.


east village idiot said...

Can I go to the Jodi Day Camp?!!


east village idiot said...

Can I go to the Jodi Day Camp?!!