Saturday, July 03, 2010

What Was Eating My Tomatoes


Enlarge it if you must.
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The Three Little Bears said...

I can't tell by the photo. I have some questions. Do you have any sort of security around your tomatoes? We use a automatic motion sensor sprinkler and it deters everything including the cats, deers, chickens, birds, etc. Which helps me narrow it down to insects if I see something has been in my garden.

I'll be back to see what others say!

jodi said...

We have mest fencing around most everything this year.

The photo isn't the greatest for which I apologize. The tiny green things that you see are the legs of a caterpillar. It has done some damage but I was able to pick it off and destroy. What is kind of funny is that the neighbors have 5 times the amount of tomatoes that I have and not a worm on them :-)

east village idiot said...

Jodi - why are they impacting your tomatoes and not your neighbors? How can you fend them off?