Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Turn Off The TV

The doors to the classroom were open as usual during lunch. A 5 year old had a look of panic on his face. "I need you to close the doors," he said. The other teacher and I didn't understand at first. The doors are always opened.

It dawned on the other teacher first. "Do you think that someone is going to come in that should not?" she asked. The child nodded his head yes. "Don't worry," she answered. "We will not let anyone in that should not be in here."

When S1 was small and S2 was a baby, a friend of S1's was spending the evening with us. The Gulf War was raging on at that time. "Mrs. ___ , you need to watch out for your babies. There is a war going on!!"


Turn off the TV when a child is around. There is no reason for them to hear the news. 24 hour news coverage is just that. 24 hours of FULL coverage. If you miss a story it will be on later.

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