Monday, January 02, 2006


Thanks to the Powers That Be for giving me the day off. It has been/will be spent going to a home improvement store where I ended up finding the containors to hold the Christmas ornaments. Received more breakables this year and I really need a place to put them and a better system. Snoopy has a nasty rash on his stomach which we never see as he has never been comfortable lying on his back so we will be seeing the vet. My glasses still aren't right - like looking through reading glasses so there is another appointment. I'm still on the hunt for S1's acceptance letter to college #1 which I cannot find and must find in order to talk to them about some things that we did not understand. The other applications have been mailed or sent by computer as is the way now. One was very easy to submit, the other was not and no way of checking on the third one like I could on #2. Now we wait until May and find out if he got in.

We are in day 7 with no phone call.

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