Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Train Ride Up

Riding from our fair city to Indiana was an experience. Locally I got to see sights that one just canot see from an automobile. Riding on a train gives one a different perspective. The only way to describe it is it's like going to someones back door instead of their front.

Ended up with a great seatmate which made the trip delightful. About 9:30 or so a family from Michigan got on. The four year old proceeded to ask questions/give comments non-stop and it was quite entertaining (probably cause he wasn't mine :-)
He asked the conductor if he (the conductor) knew Thomas the Tank which the conductor assured him that he did (after pleading from mom - "Please tell him yes.") The best part was that some poor man with a patch over one eye kept going up and down the aisle. The little boy was watching him and finally announced loudly "Look, a pirate." Then we heard tears and crying a few seconds later and then "But he really is a pirate!!"

At 1 am we derailed in someones front yard in Kentucky. The engineer had received notice that something was wrong with the rails ahead (a chunk was out of the rail) and had slowed down to 5 mph. The engine and first car made it over before the rail cracked. The next two cars went off of the track. By 7:30 am (yes your reading that correctly) the buses had arrived to take us to our destinations. Arrived about 6 hours late.

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