Saturday, March 11, 2006

The Constant Gardener

I have been reading the book by John LeCarre and had gotten mired down by about page 300. Also I have lost my copy and had to get another from the library. After the Academy Awards were on I decided to rent the movie and see if I couldn't jump start my reading of the book.

Am back to reading the book. The movie was good though as most movies made about a 500 plus page book it is more like watching cliff notes. Also, the Best Supporting Actress winner Rachel Weisz was good but was there really enough of her in the movie to support the award and did the role show enough wide range of acting to warrant her being the given the award? She is a good actress and looked beautiful the night of the award but I would have to see the other nominees in action in their movies as I don't think that her role was meaty enough for special recognition.

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