Thursday, March 16, 2006

Crazy March Weather

We are seeing more code red's this spring than ever (or at least it seems that way). Two fires in the area yesterday caused by low relative humidity and high wind. One was the result of a powerline hitting a tree limb. That one caused an elderly couple to be taken to the hospital (their entire house went up in flames). It could have been worse.

So now I have started working on a fire prepardness plan. Of course, if it's the middle of the night and the house is burning the boys have been instructed to get out of the house and leave the pets behind. If it's a brush fire and we have more warning however one can plan a little bit better. Yesterday I went to the pound and picked up 2 more cardboard cat carriers. I also have started making a list of what is important to everyone. It doesn't hurt to be prepared. I'd hate to be the one interviewed on the news who said "I couldn't think of what to bring out and all I grabbed was this roll of toilet paper."

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