Thursday, March 02, 2006

My Own Puddle

I am generally not an emotional person so lets get that up front. But . . . S1 is in his senior year of high school and . . .

On Sunday, during the Youth Orchestra concert I got very misty eyed. When I told S1 about it he wanted to know why and I said "Because it is your second to last concert."
Can you see the shaking of his head? Bet you can feel the mental eye roll also.

This morning there was an typed essay next to my computer for an college honors program that he is trying for. I read the essay and cried. I read it to a coworker and we both cried. Then I read it to two other people and I cried some more.

Can you see a pattern here? I'll be a mess by June and on graduation night - well thats a whole other story I fear.

So if you see a middle-aged woman with red rimmed eyes, tears coming down her cheeks and a puddle of tears (of tears mind you !!!) at her feet just hand her a tissue, mumble something and go on your way. After all, after June she has two more years til the next one graduates!!

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canary said...

Our one and only dau. is 24 and so we have been empty nesters for a bit. We had only one and it is not as difficult as I thought it would be... we survive. You will be so happy to see them confidently strike out on their own.