Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Day 3 of Vacation

Took S1 to breakfast (when trying to wake S2 up he moaned that he couldn't possibly get up so he stayed home) at our favorite breakfast place that comes equiped with a HUGE moose head on the wall. I wish that I had my camera with me as S1 ordered a belgan waffle with ice cream on top. When the waitress brought it to him I swear that the waffle had at least a quart of ice cream on top. The waitress explained that she had a hard time getting it out of the container and that the ice cream only came out in big chunks. S1 ate the whole thing :-) (I had french toast. Yummy.)

Yesterday I had S2 drive me to the local home improvement store (actually the better and closer of the two). We picked up wood for a new outdoor table which I hope that we at least start before the end of vacation.

This afternoon I bought plants for our new garden in the front yard. (I really need to take before and after pictures). Also ordered some window planters for the store that is not the better of the two. Can pick them up tomorrow with soil, peat moss.

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