Saturday, April 15, 2006

Free Food

Yesterday I had a boatload of shopping to do and one place that I had to go was our local warehouse club. Heading for the detergent area (if the boxes get any bigger I swear that I will never be able to get them into my car) I noticed a well dressed woman coming from my left. All of a sudden she was in front of me. At the same time she gave her cart a push so that it went into an aisle without her and she hurried up to one of the food demonstators. After I retrieved my BIG box of detergent I went past the food demonstrator to see what caused all the excitement thinking that it must be something exotic. CHICKEN NUGGETS!!! I don't go to demonstrators and I certainly wouldn't go for chicken nuggets.

On the other side of the store I decided that I needed a weeks supply of soups. Trying to turn right into that aisle I was cut off by another well dressed woman with three children rushing for another demonstrator. Pancakes this time. Tiny triangles of pancakes stuck on a toothpick. I didn't try those either. Though maybe if they had come with syrup . . . .

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east village idiot said...

Listen up! I spent a few years working at the Harvard School of Public Health. If there's anything I learned there it's PLEASE DON'T EAT THOSE SAMPLES! Chances are that you'll be getting a sample of something else. I'm always amazed at how people eat from those things - just think of the unwashed hands, coughs, sneezes and germs that may have come in contact with the food you're about to pop into your mouth. Not cool.