Monday, April 24, 2006

Last Week in Short

The boys did not go to school on Thursday along with 50% of their school due to a perceived threat. There were 4 boys arrested earlier in the year for plotting to blow up the school or shoot people - I can't remember which. Two of the boys are 13 and their fates will not be known as everything is sealed. The other two boys are still going through sentencing. Somehow rumors were started and children became afraid. My boys asked to stay home. Some parents sent their children saying that they wanted their children to stand up in the face of such terrorism. I (on the other hand) am just tired. It's May, life is hectic, and frankly I'm tired of crap. They did go to school to turn in projects and then came home and worked on homework.

My coteacher's husband had a surprise birthday party for her Saturday night and they will leave on Saturday for a week in Italy. The party was fun, keeping the secret was fine also but hard as we talk about everything. She thought that I was mad at her because I acted distant. I was afraid that I would blab it out.

Snoopy and Max did come home with a rack of deer ribs. Aren't you glad that I don't have a photo of the one?!! Of course the vultures discovered it on Saturday much to Maxine's dismay but she protected it valiantly.

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