Thursday, June 22, 2006

Is It Summer Yet?

Earlier, in the spring, I had visions of what this summer would be like. I would be reading a stack of books from the library while sitting at the pool, watching movies, sleeping in late etc.

Well, I've been to the pool twice to read. I've also been to Sam's Club twice this week so that S1 (pool manager) could buy goodies for the pool to sell in the concession stand. I signed S2 up for Behind the Wheel this week and next and that starts at 8:00.
The school track is nice for walking at that hour or at least until the summer PE class shows up.
My sewing room is a mess from everything that I've thrown in that room so am cleaning that out and rearranging. Appointments and other places to be will round out this week. Maybe next week I'll be by the pool (but then again my new swimsuit is being delivered this afternoon and it's hot as **** so maybe. . .).

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east village idiot said...

I wish I were living in Virginia surrounded by frozen strawberries and library books and sewing rooms.