Monday, August 21, 2006

A Little Freaked Out.

Well, more than a little. I have sent emails to my side of the family so if your reading this and your related read your latest email. S1 is fine. And though I try to maintain privacy with my children --- there are snipers on the roofs of the school buildings where we dropped off S1 last week. A 24 year old has killed 2 officers and is on the loose. The kids are under lock down. S1 is in the dorms with friends. He is fine. I think that I just need a hug.

*****Update, the guy has been caught. YIPEE!!


east village idiot said...

I just want you to know that my jaw dropped when I read that post. Lord Almighty! Your poor son must be a bit freaked out. Glad that he's safe but where did the snipper come from and why?

jodi said...

The snipers were with the police force .(I write so awful sometimes so I apoligize - tends to be like cliff notes and I have a hard time not doing that). They were looking for the 24 year old. My son did not see the snipers but others did and were taking photos with their cell phones!! anyway, the 24 year old that they were looking for was caught about 5 yesterday near campus.