Saturday, September 23, 2006

Apple Picking

This year I and my coteachers took 2 classes to the apple orchard. It is a wonderful field trip - apple picking at a small orchard nestled next to the mountains. The older man who lets us on his property talks to the children about apples and how he lived in his home since he was little (which none of them can fathom him as young). After the talk, children, parents, siblings and teachers hit the orchard. The apples are not pretty on the outside as they don't get sprayed often. But this does not diminish the flavor.

After apple picking we go the park next door which is usually empty at that time of day and perfect for class outings. Children come back from this field trip with smiles on their faces and happier to come to class. They realize that preschool can be fun. Which is what we are all about. Posted by Picasa

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