Sunday, September 10, 2006

It's Duck Season, No, It's Wabbit Season, No, Unfortunately It Really is ALLERGY Season

After all of the rain the weeds have grown and I have not been the same all week. Am trying to recover the front flower bed which is ALL weeds due to everything nice dying while we were on vacation. (Isn't it amazing how weeds grow regardless??) So now a week of itchy eyes and runny nose. Have put the air conditioner on again - which I hate to do as I love open windows but I also have to breathe. Took Benedryl last night to help and get a good night sleep. It didn't help in either case as I was up a few times with Heinz who decided that sleeping right next to my head was the spot to be. What was with THAT anyway? I had filled the cat bowl before going to bed but the little beasts ate all of it and wanted more during the night. At least the dogs did not bark.

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east village idiot said...

I think you've earned a drink. My husband has allergies too. Sorry to hear you're suffering. My garden took a beating while I was on vacation too.