Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Tonight's Plans and Other Things

I will be passing 11th grade English. Project given two weeks ago and due tomorrow. S2 came up with idea last night after mulling over ideas for the entire 2 weeks. I had a shopping list for Michaels after work today and I'm sure that changes will be made that will necessitate me going out once more before the stores close.

How can a child that takes two weeks to think of a project come up with a costume for Spirit Week in less than 30 minutes (also done this morning). In the excitement of getting ready he forgot his trumpet and a check. Also hit the gas instead of the break coming out of our driveway. Stayed in the road and didn't hit anything but that along with my morning coffee jolted my heart pretty good! S2 says "That's the second time that I've done that." The first time was with husband. Driver's license can be gotten on the 21st of this month. I don't think so.

Speaking of driving, last week I picked up S2 from school so that he could drive home. Pouring down rain so I decided to drive instead which met with a tiny bit of grief but that stopped after the hail started. We drove home a friend of his whose grandfather lives behind us. Grandpa owns 6 acres shaped in a rectangle and the driveway goes through half of the acreage. We met Grandpa on the driveway coming out. Grandson and Grandpa want me to turn around in the field. Now it's pouring down rain and the truck is a V4 engine. Yes, I got stuck. Mulled over my options which basically leave the truck in the field until husband gets home and walk back to my house through the field. Luckily though I got out and home.

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