Saturday, November 04, 2006

A Day With S1

Today was Parent Day at the college that S1 attends. I drove the 5 hour round trip by myself with my bike in the back of the car plus the new stuff that S1 had requested and the treats (coffee and homemade raisin/applesauce cookies). When I got down there at about 9:45 we went out to breakfast. Coffee was not too good but the large marble muffin hit the spot. We then went over to the campus bookstore so that I could get a college sweatshirt (no I did not get the one with the college name and the word MOM underneath. I also did not get one in the garish school colors.) We walked around town some and then went for a bike ride. Only two miles as I am out of shape and have a bike that is a no speed - not great for hills. We then drove over to the river about 17 miles or so away. Took photos. Came back and had dinner. (Great vegie sandwich). Hugged and then I left.

Today was truly a gift. We talked the entire 6 1/2 hours.

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