Saturday, November 25, 2006

Heinz, Kitty Foiled

Heinz eats plants.

(Husband says that it's because I will not let him outside but my hard heart has not relented into letting him out. As he spends most of his time hiding I'm afraid that I will never find him if he gets outside.)

Heinz eats all kinds of plants but NOT the catnip plant that I have or the geraniums that I have saved from the cold. Yesterday there was a sale on fake poinsettas. Ideal for our situation. I brought one home and Heinz noticed it. Jumped up and took quite a few sniffs and realized it was not edible. HA! No half eaten plants and no sick kitties. I have scored.


Sarah Sometimes said...

Heinz even looks disappointed! Thanks for the comments on my dream post.

east village idiot said...

My first thought at seeing the pic was "yikes that plant is dangerous for cats". But as usual you were two steps ahead.

Have you started christmas shopping yet?

jodi said...

I have done some shopping. This year seems to be easier than last as I'm getting suggestions this year plus have some ideas of my own. Last year the well was dry and it showed.